About Juice Box Heroes

Brothers Craig and Scott Coane were born and raised in Northern California. Music became their passion early in life as they sang along to their parent’s favorite songs from Neil Diamond, John Denver, The Eagles and Air Supply.

Their zeal for music carried into their early adult lives as they were each members of rock n roll bands in college, then reunited after college to start a local San Francisco-based 80s band. Late night gigs and early work mornings soon got old when Craig and Scott became Dads. No longer able to handle 2am dive bars song finales followed by 5am home bottle feedings, things had to change.

Their music took a new turn with bathroom jams for their tub-splashing kids and singalongs at birthday parties and preschool gatherings. They couldn’t help notice how parents struggled with the right music choices for their little ones: many kids songs became annoying while favorite tunes from their past had inappropriate lyrics for young ears. Enter Juice Box Heroes.

Heralded as “song favorites for parents, fun new lyrics for kids”, Juice Box Heroes takes the very best songs from the past and parodies them for young kids. Their debut album “No Sugar Added” is now available exclusively at juiceboxheroes.com.

Craig and Scott currently live a mile apart in Moraga, California with 5 young kids between them.

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